What Is Healthier Option? Pita Bread or Regular Bread

Pita bread was introduced in the u.s and certain parts of europe through middle eastern countries. It was soon become a popular bread choice in the western countries because of its healthy nature, less sugar quantity and low fat. By 90s the pita bread industry had touched nearly $80 million annually. The process of making pita bread in melbourne is complex, but the result is pretty much healthier than regular breads.

Pita bread is a staple food for many middle-eastern and mediterranean cuisines, but it is now readily available in every part of the world. The well-known pocket in the pita bread is been used as a way of making different types of sandwiches. Pita bread suppliers in melbourne sell whole lots of different pita bread, now gaining popularity like regular breads.

Pita bread nutritional content

Pita bread consists of both healthy and unhealthy attributed as far as nutritional value is concerned. A large pita, which weighs around 60 grams contains 165 calories. It contains whole lots of calories but mind it, pita bread is very low in fat and there are significant amount of iron and calcium in each serving.

Macronutrient content in pita bread

There is no difference in calories between unenriched white pita bread, enriched white pita bread and whole-wheat pita bread. There is a mild difference in fat content between white pita and whole-wheat pitas. However, there is a big difference in fibre content. The whole-wheat pita contains 19 percent of daily value of fiber, but regular breads only have 5 percent of it.

Vitamin content

Souvlaki pita bread melbourne has the highest percentage of the dv for thiamine whereas unenriched white bread contains only 11 percent of the dv for essential vitamins. Enriched pitas are the best source of vitamins because the extra vitamins are added to it. The downside of pita bread is high sodium content.

Mineral content in pita bread

The whole grain pita contains maximum amount of minerals, mainly iron, magnesium and phosphorous. Also there are whole lots of selenium and manganese are found in the bread, acting as an antioxidants. Phosphorous and magnesium are required for healthy bones and iron helps to form red blood cells.

The content of mineral in regular white bread is almost half.

Nutritional value in regular bread

Regular breads come in two different variety; white or whole wheat. Both have different nutritional values, however based on nutritional value, regular breads are less healthy than pita bread because of less fibre content, vitamins, and macronutrient content. The sodium level in regular bread is though far less than pita bread.

Potential health benefits

Potential health benefit of pita bread is the fibre content in it. The whole grain pitas have less fat grains also lower the risk for higher cholesterol and high blood sugar. Pita breads are not good for making sandwiches with extra sauce and mayonnaise because of its high sodium content, whereas regular bread doesn’t have nutrients that can match pita breads. Overall, whole wheat regular bread is good for making sandwiches, but enriched pita breads are far greater beneficial than white regular breads.