Capazoo Makes Your Life Richer

Members have a variety of money-making and money-saving benefits at their disposal. And, with the help of our Members, we will also help those in need more than any other Social Network.

Earn and Save Big
Tip others and get Tipped for posted content
Earn and track your Zoops – Capazoo’s innovative online currency
Rack up the Zoops from our Ad Revenue, Redistribution and Referral Programs
Cash-in your Zoops with your Capazoo Cash Card (a unique debit card that’s free for Privileged and VIP Members)
Enjoy huge discounts on the most popular goods and services from over 300,000 merchants in Capazoo’s Savings Program (for Privileged and VIP Members only)
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Capazoo Cash Card
Privileged and VIP Members get their own Cash Card – a powerful debit card you can use to manage your financial life – online and off!

Transcend the virtual and take Capazoo with you
Convert Zoops and cash out at millions of ATMs and PIN-based merchants worldwide
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Zoops & Tipping
Zoops are Capazoo’s own currency – and the easiest way to benefit from life on!

Earn Zoops when someone Tips you for the videos, photos, music or other content you upload
Tip others when you enjoy great content posted by another Member
Rack up Zoops by inviting friends to join
Earn Zoops and then upgrade to our Privileged and VIP Memberships
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Capazoo Savings Program
With the Capazoo Savings Program, Privileged and VIP Members enjoy up to 50% off with over 300,000 merchants. Use the program just ONE TIME and it will more than pay for your Privileged or VIP Membership:

Discounts and buy-one-get-one offers on dining, hotels, sports and event tickets
Amazing savings and two-fers on golf and greens fees, ski rentals and lift tickets
Savings, discounts and freebies for recreation, cruises, vacations and much more
Save THOUSANDS of dollars a year on things you’d buy and places you’d go anyway
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Profit-Sharing and Charity believes the power of community can literally change the world. In addition to giving you – our Members – the services you need to live your online life to the fullest; Capazoo is committed to giving back to the community AND to you!

Capazoo will donate 1% of our net profits to a selected charity
Capazoo will give back 7% of our net profits distributed right to ALL Members
We’ll also share 10% of our ad revenues with ALL Members
It’s the ONLY Member give-back program in the world of Social Communities.

Share your life at Capazooo and we will share our good fortune with you!

Imagine the power to change the world if MySpace, YouTube, HI5, Revver, Trig and all those other social networking sites made a matching commitment to share their profits with important charities and their Members! We wish they would, but we’re afraid they have other priorities.

Come join the Member-driven community that doesn’t just take, but gives. – What Social Networking Should Be!