Main Causes Of Infertility

There are many women of child bearing age who have tried unsuccessfully to become pregnant. These are women who have been trying continuously uninterrupted for at least two years. Most women who are going through this would be considered to be infertile. Depending on the age of the woman, it may be necessary to start testing for infertility earlier than the normally required one year and above.

Sometimes it may not be necessary to wait until one or two years after trying to conceive to visit a doctor. No matter how early in the process, once you believe you may be having an issue that may be preventing you from conceiving, it is better to consult your gynecologist or professional fertility doctor for proper advice. They may need to run some test on you to confirm or dismiss your fears. When it comes to infertility in women, there may be different causes. The main causes of fertility problems include; problems with ovulation, damage of the fallopian tubes, problems with uterus, problems with male partner, unexplained.

Problems with ovulation

Sometimes the cause of infertility may be problems with ovulation. The woman may not be ovulating regularly or sometimes there is no ovulation. This may be due to problems with PCOs or premature ovarian insufficiency. PCOS is hormone imbalance that affects the ovaries. Premature ovarian insufficiency is an autoimmune disease that occurs as a result of the immune system attacking the ovaries.

Problem with fallopian tubes

When the fallopian are blocked, it prevents the sperms from eventually reaching the egg. Thos who have had a case of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are more likely to suffer from problems with the tubes. Apart from blockages, there may be adhesions in the tubes which may also affect the fertility of the woman.

Problem with uterus

For pregnancy to grow, the uterus must be healthy enough to allow the fertilized eggs to grow. There are different ways in which the uterus can affect fertility. If the uterus has uterine fibroid, it may be difficult for the woman to become pregnant. Not all fibroids will lead to infertility. Only those that are blocking the fallopian tube or placed in a way that implantation is prevented. Diseases like endometriosis can cause scarring in the uterus thereby preventing pregnancy. Another way the uterus can make a woman infertile is if is irregularly shaped. Then again sometimes it is simply because the environment in the uterus is harsh and the sperm is not able to swim through successfully to the egg.

Some of these infertility causes can be handled if diagnosed early. It is important for women of child bearing age to go for regular checkups. This may be important if they want to be able to catch the causes of infertility at a stage where it can still be managed.