Help, I Want to Get Pregnant

According to recent studies, infertility has increased in both men and women to an alarming level. This is quite logical when you think about it. We are consuming more and more fast food, smoking from a younger age and using drugs and unchecked medication. This result in many women screaming “Help, I want to get pregnant”, but they can’t. In fact if you don’t want to be the person screaming ‘help, I want to get pregnant’ you can start with a living a fertility enhancing lifestyle and practice them from your early years. This will most definitely help increase your chances of getting pregnant in the long run.

Aside from the logical things you need to do, like stop smoking, stop any misuse of drugs or large consumption of alcohol, you may sometimes need to make fundamental changes to your dietary intake. But sometimes even that is not enough and both men and women need help to get pregnant. There are medical treatments that will help you, but in most cases they are very expensive and some of them have adverse side effects, like hormonal imbalance. So the best option you have if you don’t want to scream help I want to get pregnant is to try and use natural infertility cures and treatments. Here are a few that might help you.

One of the main causes of infertility with woman is the deficiency in eggs production. To stimulate the production of eggs, it is recommended for women to increase their intake of folic acid, which is a vitamin that is used for various health benefits, but it also helps with pregnancy. According to studies women who consume folic acid have 40% more chances of getting pregnant.

What you eat is very important for your health. What doctors recommend for women who want to get pregnant is to increase their intake of carbohydrates. But you must make sure that you eat natural foods that have carbohydrates in them and avoid eating refined carbohydrates as they will increase the insulin levels in your blood.

We already mentioned that you need to avoid certain medication, so it is best to consult with your doctor and to check if any medication or supplements that you are currently on are harmful for when trying to get pregnant. Some of these medications may cause hormonal blockage and some are even known to directly decrease the fertility in both men and women.

And of course, high consumption of vitamins also helps with your overall health state and will definitely help if you want to get pregnant.

Before you scream ‘help, I want to get pregnant’, there is actually a very simple check that you can do on your own. There are window periods which are better for conceiving a child; some days you are more fertile and some days you aren’t. You can know your fertile days by checking your body basal temperature and changes in your cervical mucus. Having intercourse on days that you are more fertile will help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

In fact, even the position during intercourse can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Researchers have found that the mental state of the couple can impact their ability to conceive. So it is important that you have faith in yourself and do not stress yourself unduly. You do not have to scream ‘help, I want to get pregnant’. You can beat that if you have faith in yourself and lead a healthy life. Explore every option you have and never give up.