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Capazine – Your Book, Your Space, Your Content
Celebrities always make headlines, but we think YOU – our Members – are the real stories. That’s why CAPAZINE features the most interesting stories, news and articles about AND by our Members – right alongside the latest features about today‚Äôs news, intriguing people and products/services. New features are published daily.

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At Capazoo.com, your profile takes many forms. Choose and personalize the Capazoo profile that best suits you and express to the world who you really are.
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Using our powerful page creator and content management tools, create, edit and manage every aspect of your personal pages and make them as cool and as Tippable as possible!

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Create your personal Home Page with your fully customized profile and let others contact you and share content, thoughts and opinions. Invite and manage an unlimited network of current and new friends. Write and see QuickMail and Comments for and by other Members.

A feast for your eyes and ears, Capazoo.com’s multimedia galleries make searching, viewing and enjoying Member-created videos, photos, music and blogs an absolute breeze.
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Uploading and sharing your videos is only half the fun. The other half is watching, rating and Tipping unusual, interesting and cool videos from other Members. Sort through a wide array of categories to find videos that most interest you.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine what thousands of amazing photos are worth! Upload your favorite photos and view the photos and albums of other Capazoo Members. Create your own albums for friends, family and the Capazoo Community.

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