Calorie Free Foods

Calorie Free Foods

Offer a person who is trying to lose weight something to eat. The first and most common question asked is always, “How many calories?” Calorie free foods are eatables that contain nearly zero calories, but are highly nutritious and may be consumed indefinitely without disrupting the diet plan being followed. People who are on a diet, as well as those who are conscious eaters are always on the lookout for charts and lists of foods that are low in calories or calorie free.  Listed below are 6 such foods, the consumption of which is nothing but rewarding.

Water – The Best Drink Ever

As simple and obvious as it may sound the importance and contribution of water cannot be stressed enough. The statement that ‘our body is 75% water’ is not to be taken lightly. Water helps maintain a constant internal environment for all bodily functions to operate efficiently; metabolism, digestion, respiration, assimilation, rejuvenation, you name it. Like a well-oiled machine, a well-hydrated body keeps you alert and energized. And all of this at the cost of zero weight gain! It is also advised that water should be consumed before a meal and not during or after, since this helps to keep control over the amount of food eaten.

Green Tea – Perfect For Losing Weight

Green tea is universally considered to be a calorie-free and extremely useful beverage. It helps not only in digestion and nutrient adsorption, but also reduces the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers. It re-vitalizes the body from within by boosting up metabolic activities, and its anti-oxidant properties help rejuvenate and brighten the skin on the outside. Furthermore, research has shown that the consumption of this herbal tonic significantly contributes to weight loss also, especially that annoying belly fat that refuses to go away.

Citrus Fruits – Healthiest Diet

Craving for a midnight snack? Have an orange. People usually tend to eat more and cheat on their diets more in the winter season, due to increased hunger pangs, and citrus fruits may very well be the ideal guilty-free and calorie-free snacks. They are rich sources of vitamin C, which, other than being an anti-oxidant, helps lower the waist-to-hip ratio. Studies have shown that people with higher amounts of vitamin C burn 25% more fat during treadmill exercises than people with lower levels.

Kelp – A Stomach-Friendly Natural Herb

Yes, we know, most people have reservations about broccoli and leafy greens, but don’t shy away from sea vegetables too! One of the best free-calorie foods among them is Kelp. It is a natural source of the fiber ‘alginate’, which facilitates many important metabolic processes. It is also involved in blocking fat absorption by cells, according to research. Kelp is also rich in vitamin K, which helps with blood-clotting and strong bones.

Watermelon – Full of Taste With Zero Calories

Watermelon, besides being an excellent source of satiating once dehydration in summers, contains copious amounts of anti-oxidants, as well as the amino acid ‘arginine’, which may aid in weight loss. According to research results, obese mice that were given arginine supplements burned a greater amount of body fat and gained more lean muscle, as compared to those on normal diets.

Cauliflower – A Perfect Meal

Boiled and mashed cauliflower seasoned with a hint of salt and black pepper easily mimics the taste and looks of potatoes, but is a much healthier substitute. A half-cup of poached cauliflower contains only 14 calories, and makes up for almost half of the daily suggested intake of vitamin C. So be sure to include a bowl of cauliflower salad in your lunch.