3 Effective Natural Heartburn Cures

Heartburn causes suffering to many. Lives are wrecked, special events are ruined and in its extremeties, families can be torn. In most cases,the suffering is largely unnecessary as this affliction can be control andf eventually eliminated.

As we look at these effective natural heartburn cures, it becomes evident that our line of attack is predominantly based on a dietary overhaul. These natural heaertburn cures are everyday foods which most turn a blind eye to, oblivious to their resounding efficacy in tackling heartburn and the disconfort it brings.

Whether you are in Europe, Africa, Asia, The Americas, Antaractica or Oceania, I can confidently proclaim that atleast one of these natural heartburn cures is locally avialable for you to try. We will begin looking at my favourite and the most celebrated natural heartburn cure.

Apples – An apple a day keeps to doctor away. An apple after a heavy meal also seems to keep heartburn away. I find apples effective just about 100% of the time. After a particarly decadent meal (lots of tomatoes, fat or fizzy drinks), I follow it up wit an apple and continue my day as normal with NO discomfort whatsoever.

One must never consume ad food and rely on an apple to save you frm the discomfort. We must look to eliminate the cause. I no longer eat large meals or consume heartburn inducing foods but I do consider apples as an important part of my diet. You should try them too.

Apple Cider Vinegar – I found this cure while perusing for alternative heartburn cures all over the world wide web. The reason is isn’t so widely known is because very few people ever use apple cider vingar in their cooking.

While I’m not hip to Apple Cider Vingar’s culinary uses, I do know a lot of it’s heartburn curing powers. As all the natural heartburn cures, it works wonders at calming the burn and soothing that agonising heartburn! I personally drink it straight. A tablespoonful and in 20 minutes I’m good to go! I have not tried in with food because I havent discovered anything that would go well with its distinctive taste. You are more than welcome to experiment.

Tropical Fruit – I absolutely adore tropical fruit. They are tasty natural heartburn cures which can be incorporated into the diet at very little cost in comparison to the dense foods that cause it. It’s all relative folks. The cost of a burger, chips and a fizzy drink (£5) in comparison to a huge watermelon (£3.50) or a pair of regular white melons (£2.99) is rather large. This is not including the cost to your health and the antacids you wll have to buy to stop the agony! Other triopical fruits to try are papaya, pineapple and guavas!

The real reason tropical fruits are great natural heartburn cures are the enzymes contained in them. Also, tropical fruit juices tend to have a pleasant cooling effect on the stomach!

Again, I will repeat. Atleast some of theres natural heartburn cures should be a permanent feature in your diet. Changing your diet can work wonders in controlling and possibly curing acid reflux and it’s primary symptom; heartburn. Your health is ultimately your responsibility. These effective natural heartburn cures have been amazing for me. Try them for yourself and see if they work for you.